Yearly Archives: 2019

The cost of lost customer loyalty

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide spectrum of brands and businesses on their customer loyalty strategies and specifically their current and future customer loyalty and rewards programs. When we discuss measures of success, the common measures defined are focused on ‘growth and gain’. In general terms, they are: Increasing member volume and…
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Loyalty is red.

When I saw the brand that I love in red - so bold and so bright, it triggered an emotion, a feeling of being connected with the brand and dare I say it…’love for the brand’. It also had a compounding impact by the relevance of red as one of the colours of the time…
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Loyalty programs: 2019 look back & learn vs 2020 look ahead & be brave

2019 look back and learn The loyalty and rewards program landscape in 2019 was vibrant with a few moments worth remarking on. Here are 11 with some key learnings (my point of view):    1. ACCC report on loyalty programs (‘scheme’s) The ACCC released a ‘Customer loyalty schemes draft report’ with findings and recommendations on consumer…
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For loyalty programs to thrive, we need to build thriving loyalty programs

The three dependent ingredients of a thriving loyalty program
My model for building thriving loyalty programs has three dependent ingredients that need to operate in harmony. 1. Meaningful and desirable for the members 2. Profitable and sustainable for the business 3. Believed in by the team The program is meaningful and desirable for the members: The program's proposition(structure, benefits and experience) need to motivate behaviours that…
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