Monthly Archives: April 2019

The Points Whisperer™ (shhhh…)

A pointed interview with Steve Hui –CEO and Founder of iFLYflat (otherwise known as The Points Whisperer™) I have heard of a ‘horse whisperer’. Definition: horse-whisperer. Noun. (plural horse whisperers) A horse trainer who adopts a sympathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the horse, based on modern equine psychology. And now we have a ‘points whisperer’. My Definition…
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Subscribe here, subscribe there, subscribe everywhere

Deliveroo’s new subscription program ‘Plus’ at $18.99 per month for unlimited free delivery, has ignited the subscription model as a growth strategy of choice. The numbers tell the story. “Within a few days of its soft launch of Plus, more than 20,000 have signed up to the subscription service.” 20,000 x $18.99 pm = $379,800…
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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…oi…this lady loves loyalty!

A delightful and insightful interview with Aussie Merciadez - Senior Partnerships and Rewards Manager at Optus. With a first name like ‘Aussie’ and surname that sounds like ‘Mercedes’, I had no idea what to expect from the interview I had set up with Aussie Merciadez to discuss loyalty. A personality that is infectious, a passion…
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