Customer loyalty & retention strategy

The what and why before the how.

We have developed the proven and best-practice loyalty and retention program strategy methodologies.

These support our 3 stage - Design, Development and Deployment process of profitable and meaningful customer loyalty and retention programs.

- 'Do you really need a loyalty program?’ is a diagnostic to gain alignment and clarity on whether a program is right for the business and for their customers.

- The '9 steps to a valuable loyalty program' for developing new programs. This proven process will ensure your program is valuable to your business and meaningful to your members.

- Is your customer loyalty program proving to be valuable?
To ensure your loyalty program continues to be a valuable and viable asset to your business, download our complimentary 5 step review and revamp model to assess the value and viability of existing loyalty programs.

- The 3 Motivations of Loyalty

Our for 'love or money 2016' research identified and quantified why consumers join loyalty programs which can impact the profitability of your program.

Where’s the value in loyalty programs?

In 2016 we co-authored a research report called “Where’s the value in Loyalty Programs?” with Deutsche Bank.

It evaluated 205 ASX listed companies with 428 different types of loyalty programs to examine whether there is a correlation to the type of loyalty programs operated by a company and its share price performance. If you would like more information, please email