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Australian Millennials keen on cryptocurrency instead of loyalty points

The 6th annual loyalty research study for love or money 2018  is now available and reveals that Australian Millennial’s are the most interested in earning cryptocurrency rewards instead of loyalty points. Commissioned by The Point of Loyalty, for love or money 2018 – the Australian research study on customer loyalty and loyalty programs, highlights that 36%…
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Saving loyalty programs from extinction

“The future happens very slowly, then all at once” Kevin Kelly – founding executive editor of Wired Magazine The world we live in now moves at such a pace that change from niche to mass seems to hit without notice, changing the status quo of many entrenched ways of living our lives. An area that…
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What does it take for your organisation to be a leader in customer loyalty?

In our loyalty research study ‘for love or money 2017: Customer loyalty – the marketers’ point of view’ we wanted to understand what factors an organisation should focus on to be a leader in customer loyalty. The options for consideration were: Clarity on loyalty objectives Senior executive commitment to loyalty Ongoing reporting of success Total…
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