To whom it may concern,

 I cannot recommend Adam Posner highly enough as a true professional and expert in the loyalty space. As a Loyalty Manager with over 8 years of experience in the retail industry, I have had the pleasure of working with Adam in a consultant capacity on three separate occasions and at two difference businesses being Sigma Pharmaceuticals, and most recently (and currently) at Bakers Delight. Infectiously passionate, informed, and clever, Adam has consistently impressed me with his engaging approach, skill and very specialist knowledge in the loyalty space, and I can proudly endorse his qualifications and skill set.

 In my engagements with Adam, I have been continuously impressed by the knowledge he has brought, his ability to facilitate leadership team buy-in and alignment to the strategy from junior right through to C-suite and Board Level, and his dedication to deliver beyond expectations. Adam combines a rare and all-encompassing depth of experience reflected by his expert skill-set in loyalty & rewards programs from strategy to structure, including research strategy, program structures, proposition development and evaluation, and extensive financial modelling to optimise business outcomes. Further to this, his experience spans into the technology space, having worked immensely together on developing technology requirements specifications, vendor shortlisting & selection, program business rules, and reporting frameworks.  

 While Adam’s professional acumen has been immensely valuable in my engagements with him, it is his approach that sets him apart. Adam does a wonderful job of really taking the relevant stakeholders on the journey, during which he will challenge your team to get clear on your objectives. And even a step back from that, he’ll challenge if your business really needs a Loyalty/Rewards Program at all! In doing so at the beginning of your engagement, he gets the upmost respect and buy-in from the stakeholder group, delivering clarity and alignment. Throughout your journey with Adam, he will very naturally impart knowledge on all stakeholders involved, and consequently help the business feel confident in investing for the longer term.

Engaging, easy to get along with, always prepared and punctual, Adam has been a true joy to work with throughout the course of my career. No matter what challenge, opportunity or stage you are at with your Loyalty/Rewards Program, I am excited to recommend Adam as a true professional and expert like no one else in the field.  

Kristy Elsworth

Loyalty, CRM & Digital Marketing Manager 

‘Working with Adam has opened our eyes to the unexpectedly huge world of loyalty. He has helped us to discover exactly what we want to get out of our loyalty program and how it can enhance our customers experience with our brand. Adam has taught us that although it’s  easy to get caught up in wanting to reward customers, the most important things to consider when designing a program are what the customers really want from our brand, not only what we perceive as good value, and also what our business can afford to give them too.’

Kate Save

CEO & Founder | Be Fit Food | Peninsula Physical Health & Nutrition 

‘I look forward to the For Love Or Money research study every year, and this year was no different. Its one of very few relevant retail studies I enjoy tracking that gives me actionable insights regarding whats changing, whats trending and what will be ‘mission critical’ considerations in the year to come. It not only answers my questions, but also provides me with strategies to move ahead with to tackle the challenges as well as the opportunities. Regardless of whether you’re a Loyalty Practitioner, or still yet to play in the space, if sustainable growth is on your Agenda this year, it’s a must-read.’

Kristy Elsworth -  Loyalty, CRM & Digital Marketing Manager  - Bakers Delight

The Advantage Group sought Adam Posner’s engagement in a research project specific to the pharmacy industry.

Adam was able to bring his knowledge of consumer behaviour and dimensions of loyalty, and expertly applied it to our niche market in order to obtain meaningful results.

The processes to undertake the research project were outlined logically and timelines adhered to; all of which were guided by Adam’s valuable input.

Adam’s passion for the subject matter was clearly evident through his ability to navigate through the research findings in a manner that was well received by industry experts.

Additionally, Adam’s presentation to a large audience as part of an industry conference was not only informative and educational, but also highly entertaining and captivating.

Fellicia Hambali B.Pharm (Hons), MBA

Professional Services and Communications Manager

Advantage Pharmacy Group

Congratulations Adam Posner on today's publication of For Love or Money 2018. For Australian loyalty marketers, it's by far the most valuable annual consumer study and this year’s, is no exception.  Delighted that Australian households continue to cite flybuys as Australia's favourite program.

Phil Hawkins
Head of Loyalty Operations | Loyalty, CRM and flybuys

Bed Bath N’ Table engaged Directivity (Adam Posner) to help navigate our business through the design, development and deployment of our first customer loyalty program.

Adam’s process and experience provided us with the necessary framework to explore all loyalty options and the confidence to launch a program that was right for our business and for our customers.

Guiding our team through loyalty workshops, value proposition development, rigorous evaluation, modelling and ongoing mentorship and support, Adam was a valued partner throughout the experience helping us to tackle the complexities of customer loyalty and launch a program that would have a positive impact on our customers and our business growth plans.

I would highly recommend Adam to any business wanting to explore customer loyalty for a new or existing loyalty program.

Andrew Mackie - Marketing

The Dempsey Group

Bed Bath N’ Table | The Works | Domestic Textile Corporation

Adam Posner was a well prepared and enthusiastic presenter at our recent pharmacy conference. Adam's ability to combine his extensive loyalty research with the unique landscape of pharmacy made for a compelling presentation and encouraged the attendees to think differently about how valuable their loyalty program is currently and what potential future initiatives could add more value for the customer and the pharmacy.

Shannon Kerr, Group Marketing & Operations Manager Instigo Pharmacy Group

Adam has been a tremendous resource for BIG4 Holiday Parks as we looked to understand our membership program more and identify ways to improve it. The process was extremely robust and kept us asking the right questions at every stage. His willingness to get in and really understand our product and customers set him apart from other agencies I have worked with. This made the relationship very productive and we landed in a great space with the confidence to take the program forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam and his program for any business looking to evaluate their program or implement one.

Cam Davies, General Manager Sales and Marketing -  BIG4 Holiday Parks

I engaged Adam to work with our business and franchisees to drive increased engagement in our loyalty program from all staff at all of our hotel properties.

Adam joined the Choice Hotels senior team on a road show across Australia and New Zealand to present to our franchisees on the tangible benefits of having and promoting a loyalty program.

Adam put together some insightful and inspiring content that was received extremely positively by our franchisees and ultimately has resulted in a dramatic increase in properties enrolling more members which has also led to tangible revenue increases through the program.

I’d highly recommend Adam to any other brand looking to achieve a similar thing. He has been extremely professional in his approach and great to work with.

Matt Taylor, General Manager, Marketing, Choice Hotels Asia-Pac

We were a little overwhelmed with where to start we already had a loyalty program that needed reviewing. Adam was great helped worked through the objectives and how to go about the revamp. He held a workshop with our key members and was fantastic in getting engagement from the group. His knowledge was beneficial in terms of industry programs where we could win and where we could lose. I would highly recommend Adam to work with if you are looking to either introduce or upgrade your existing rewards program.

Kate Peddie, Marketing Manager – Horseland

Before we met with Adam we were not quite sure what loyalty strategy would suit our business. After discussing our needs with him, it became clear that we needed to initiate a customer research study to identify what the opportunity was for our business and the relevance for our customers. The research that Adam scoped and the results presented were very insightful and provided a clearer direction on our loyalty strategy. It was a valuable piece of work.

Brandon Chizik, Managing Director RSEA Safety stores

Adam has delivered for our group key presentations on the loyalty landscape which have been overwhelmingly well received. The professional and engaging delivery of Adam’s research and experience is seen as a breath of fresh air in the industry as it is aspirational, informative and realistic. Adam was also a valuable contributor to our annual review as a workshop facilitator with our key decision makers in 2015, through which we have made a number of improvements to our program

Brad Swain, Marketing and Communications, RSL Victoria