Customer loyalty – the marketers’ point of view

The latest research study for love or money 2017: Customer Loyalty – the marketers’ point of view, identifies how marketers view customer loyalty to their brands/business. This research study with marketers is a follow up to the consumer study ‘for love or money 2017’ where consumers identified their view on what loyalty is to brands/businesses. The latest Marketers' research…
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Do ‘refer-a-friend’ initiatives work? Four factors to consider

The question of whether or not ‘refer-a-friend’ initiatives work, is often asked during our customer retention and loyalty strategy planning sessions. Whilst I have no specific data from clients to share that proves this either way, I found these interesting insights: 65% of new business comes from referrals– New York Times 92% of respondents trusted referrals…
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Snap out of the loyalty program sea of sameness

Loyalty programs and variations thereof - rewards, benefits, VIP etc are becoming tired, undifferentiated and simply losing themselves in the sea of sameness. Because I live in the land (sea) of loyalty from dusk ‘til dawn and sometimes in between I do see many variations on the same theme – sign up offer; birthday offer;…
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