Move your mindset from ‘be Amazon ready’ to ‘be Amazing now’!

So much talk and noise (real or imagined) about Amazon in Australia and the impact on all varieties of businesses and brands. The brutal reality is that they have many distinct advantages in the world of - price and experience. So, you have 2 choices: 1.Watch and wait (what you can’t control) or 2. Just get…
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13 reasons for loyalty program defection

For the third year in the ‘for love or money’ research studies (2015, 2016 and 2017), the 13 reasons for member defection from loyalty programs was monitored.  Whilst there has been a comparative decline in many of these, consistently at no1 over all these studies is the ‘earn rate’ or members’ perception that they are…
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Are loyalty programs improving their benefits for members?

A regular review and revamp of a loyalty program is critical to ensure its long-term value and viability. This is driven by balancing the tension between two critical pivot points of a program’s success: Profitable to the business Meaningful to the member Being a member of 100’s of programs, I am always attempting to keep…
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