Loyalty services

Retain the best. Grow the rest.

Do you want to design and deploy a new program?

Do you want to revitalise and future - proof an existing program?

"Working with Adam has opened our eyes to the unexpectedly huge world of loyalty. He has helped us to discover exactly what we want to get out of our loyalty program and how it can enhance our customers experience with our brand." Kate Save - CEO & Founder | Be Fit Food

  • Loyalty strategy and leadership alignment

    Build your program strategy before the structure with leadership & team alignment on program vision, goals, measures of success

  • Design a distinctive and unique program proposition

    Design a differentiated and distinctive program proposition with our proprietary Five Blend of Benefits model to move your members from transactional to emotional connections

  • Member and non-member research + Data Analytics = deeper loyalty insights to support strategy

    Customer behaviour data analysis combined with member & non-member research based on benchmarks from our ongoing ‘For Love or Money’ studies

  • Evaluate the value and viability of program partners

    Access our proprietary program partner evaluation model for revenue gain and member value-add

  • Identify the required loyalty technology

    Identify and evaluate technology partners for the required program strategy and structure

Do you want to revitalise and future - proof an existing program?

  • What’s the problem with your program?

    Identify gaps and opportunities with your existing program with our 38-point future-proof diagnostic

  • Avoid the risks of changing a program structure

    Evaluate the risk of changing a program with our unique risk mitigation model that identifies the impact of program changes to the business and members

  • Build a team of loyalty champions

    Develop a loyalty champion strategy and action plan to gain alignment, excitement and commitment

  • Assess your program's financial viability

    Build a program financial model based on the program structure and change of member behavior that drives a positive ROI

  • Avoid program failure with our Failure Factors Risk Mitigation

    We've identified up to 17 failure factors and provide our clients with a Failure Factor Risk Mitigation Model to avoid the death of a program (dramatic but realistic).

  • Other loyalty services

  • Ongoing loyalty mentoring

    Supporting loyalty teams for ongoing program optimisation

  • Speaking, keynotes and tailored workshops

    Tailored topics to educate and inspire participants on the power of loyalty and rewards programs

  • Bespoke Industry loyalty research

    Tailored industry research on customer loyalty