Who are we?

The Point of Loyalty is dedicated to driving profitable business growth through long term customer loyalty and customer retention.

We are customer loyalty program specialists with proven and best-practice processes to design, develop and deploy customer loyalty strategies and loyalty programs.

Our keen and unwavering focus is to ensure every customer loyalty program, rewards and retention strategy is

  1. Profitable to the business
  2. Meaningful to the member

"We help your business increase the care and currency of existing customers"

Our history

2007 -

Set up Directivity

Directivity was established as a data driven direct marketing agency.

2013 -

The Loyalty Point

The Loyalty Point was set up as a portal for loyalty program research and resources. The first customer loyalty and loyalty program research study -  for love or money 2013 was commissioned.

2017 -

The Point of Loyalty

The Point of Loyalty was established and the 5th customer loyalty and loyalty program research study for love or money released.

Our Capabilities

Loyalty Program Strategy: Customer loyalty programs, customer recognition and reward programs, customer retention programs (B2C and B2B) - strategy and structure.

Loyalty Program Financial Modelling: Metrics of success and financial modelling for long-term value and viability of loyalty programs.

Customer loyalty and loyalty program research: Insight research identifying customer loyalty behaviours and beliefs and loyalty program structures and benefits.

Loyalty Mentoring: Team support and loyalty mentoring for ongoing improvement and loyalty program development.

Adam Posner CEO and founder

Adam Posner is founder and CEO of The Point of Loyalty and Directivity. He has been a data-driven direct marketer for 25 years and started his loyalty life in the mid ’90's with a shopping centre loyalty program initiative called “Scratch & Save”.

Since then he has been involved in a range of loyalty and retention strategies and loyalty programs for organisations in retail (various), trade, membership, pharmacy, entertainment and large accommodation networks.

He is obsessed about helping clients build and maintain valuable customer loyalty programs, reward and retention programs that are profitable to the business and meaningful to the member.

He is co-author and author of the Australian customer loyalty and loyalty program research studies ‘for love or money 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018’ and ‘Share the Love 2014’. Adam is also the author of one of Australia’s only practical book on loyalty programs – ‘Give-back to Get-back - 9 steps to a profitable loyalty program’.

He has been widely interviewed on customer loyalty programs and published in The Age, The SMH, ABC Radio, C7 and C9 News, Marketing Magazine, Herald Sun, BRW, CMO, Colloquy, eConsultancy,  AdNews, B&T and SmartCompany.

Adam has presented on customer loyalty and loyalty programs at Customer Identity Management - Singapore 2018, APP (Pharmacy) conference 2018,  Loyalty World, The Customer Show,  ADMA Forum, Customer TECHX Show, Clarinden Global Faculty Director - ‘Designing High Impact Customer Loyalty and Retention Programs’, No Vacancy Accommodation Conference as well as tailored customer loyalty and loyalty program keynotes for clients.


You will benefit from our strategic view of a loyalty program’s success factors and independence of technology will ensure a relevant and robust program is deployed for your immediate and long term requirements.


Our six years of Australian customer loyalty and loyalty program research, proven methodologies and depth of experience, expertise and passion for valuable loyalty and rewards programs will be available to you.


'Independence' plus 'Intel' along with a dedication and desire to build valuable customer loyalty and retention strategies ensures the long-term value and viability of your loyalty program.