Advising brands on how to achieve long-term loyalty from 'The triple bottom-line of loyalty program success©'.

1. Business: Profitable and sustainable for your business

2. Customers: Meaningful and desirable for your customers

3. Team: With belief and buy-in from your team

Enabled by fit-for-purpose technology + data analysis and insights for action + dynamic personalised member dialogue.

What our clients say:

“The loyalty workshop with Adam was one of the best strategic initiatives I facilitated recently. It helped us to set up a strong foundation for loyalty solutions across 15 brands and unify the team’s vision for customer experience. I am confident that the session potentially saved us a ton of money and a lot of time. I highly recommend engaging with Adam if you are new in your loyalty journey or need to elevate the existing solution.”


Group General Manager Digital and Marketing
Brand Collective

“From the moment we engaged Adam to partner with us on our loyalty program journey, we realised how invaluable his experience would be not only in developing an exceptional program, but also in the process of transformation required to truly embed and realise the value of a loyalty program amongst a leadership team. The ‘pitch your program’ workshop we developed together was a watershed moment when all 16 of our team members realised the power and potential of a loyalty program for our business.”


Executive Manager E-commerce and Loyalty
Thermomix AU/NZ

“We engaged Adam Posner from The Point of Loyalty in 2021 to assist with the development of a loyalty program for Click Frenzy. From day one, we knew we’d made a great choice - Adam’s methodology for project delivery is outstanding. He truly goes above and beyond for our business, challenges our thinking and is extremely thorough in the detail. We have learnt an enormous amount from Adam’s experience and his service levels have been outstanding."


Click Frenzy

Now available:

For Love or Money™ 2024 - insights on customer loyalty and loyalty programs

What our clients say:

"Adam's For Love or Money™ research report (and engaging presentation), has been providing IKEA with valuable loyalty consumer insights for the past four years. He not only gives us a good overview of consumer expectations in the loyalty space but inspires tangible actions that have helped us improve the IKEA Family loyalty program each year"

Kirsten Hasler

Customer Engagement & Loyalty Manager
IKEA Australia

"The For Love or Money™ 2022 report, has provided a number of valuable insights for our business across a range of areas of loyalty, including behaviour, preferences and trends. These are important to stay across, knowing what is on the horizon in our business".


Loyalty and Membership Manager
The Lottery Corporation

"In this year’s 2022 report, Adam again demystifies what loyalty is and is not. I particularly find the section on “Six currencies loyalty members care about” to be immensely insightful. While the report is based on the Australian market, I strongly recommend any loyalty practitioner from any market to read it. It provides an excellent framework in designing and operating a loyalty program that will be, well, out of the sea of sameness."

Henry Christian 

Head of Brand and Engagement
GoTo Group Loyalty

“The For Love or Money™ 2021 research is another fantastic publication from Adam. Great to see the comparisons over the years, as well as the new content on the most important moments of a member's experience. Looking forward to seeing the trend in the years to come. Valuable insights no matter where you're at on your loyalty journey”

Jobeth Harvey

Loyalty and Wine Club Manager

"For Love or Money™ 2020 was a very engaging presentation. I invited the sales leaders and the overall Marketing leaders to attend and it was well received. More engagement from the business to help me bring our program to life!"

Wendy Villarosa

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Manager, Marketing
IKEA Retail

"The annual For Love or Money™ report is the go-to reference for loyalty professionals in Australia and New Zealand. While its consistency helps understand trends over time, it also helpfully evolves to cover emerging topics. We eagerly await its publication every year"

Olivier Mineau

General Manager, Commercial and Partnerships
Woolworths Everyday Rewards 

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What’s The Point of Loyalty?

  1. The point of loyalty is retain your best customers and
    grow the rest, profitably over the longer-term.
  2. The Point of Loyalty is a specialist customer loyalty consultancy helping brands grow profitable revenue from the loyalty and Joyalty* of existing customers through thriving customer loyalty assets.

*Customer loyalty assets = Loyalty Programs, Rewards Programs, VIP Member Clubs, Referral Programs, Cashback Programs, Customer Engagement Programs, Customer Retention Marketing Programs