For Love or Money 2017: Customer loyalty – The marketers’ point of view; Full 40 page detailed report

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For Love Or Money 2017: Customer Loyalty – The Marketers' Point of View

Full 40 Page Detailed Report

What’s In This Report That Will Make A Difference To Your Customer Loyalty Strategies?

The research report for love or money 2017: Customer loyalty – the marketers’ point of view is the first research study benchmarking metrics and trends on customer and consumer loyalty from the marketers’ point of view.

This study was conducted by The Point of Loyalty and First Point Research and Consulting in the last quarter of 2017 through an online survey provided to marketers of mid-senior levels across industry types with over 90 marketers completing the survey.

The research identified insights from marketers in seven key areas:

  1. What is loyalty? Marketers vs Consumers
  2. Actions leading to loyalty: Which actions lead customers to be loyal (more loyal) to a brand/ business? Marketers vs Consumers
  3. Existing customer loyalty vs new customer acquisition: What’s the priority – now vs the future?
  4. Strategies to increase customer loyalty: Marketing focused strategies invested in – now vs the future.
  5. Measuring the success of customer loyalty: How do marketers measure the success of their loyalty strategies and which is the most effective? How often are they reported and to whom? Metrics valued most highly by the leadership of an organisation.
  6. Barriers to development and implementation: What are the biggest barriers to the ongoing development and implementation of loyalty strategies.
  7. How to be a leader in customer loyalty: What does it take for an organisation to be a leader in customer loyalty?

We hope you find the insights valuable as you determine your focus and the future of customer loyalty as a growth strategy for your business.

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Full 40 Page Report: For Love Or Money 2017 Customer Loyalty – The Marketers' Point of View