For Love or Money™ 2021 New Zealand: Comprehensive report with a presentation from the author

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For Love or Money 2021 - New Zealand: Comprehensive report with a presentation from the author

Benefit from both the research and a presentation from the the author of the research, Adam Posner, a loyalty program specialist consultant.

Adam will personally present a summary of the findings and their impact on the future of customer loyalty and loyalty programs.

What’s in this report that will make a difference to your customer loyalty strategies and loyalty program success?

This is the 2nd edition of the New Zealand consumer research study tracking key trends and insights on customer loyalty and loyalty programs.

With benchmarks first established in 2019, the 2021 study continues to track changes in the New Zealand loyalty program landscape and build on trends and insights revealed in previous studies and provides new insights.

Section 1. Tracking changes in the New Zealand loyalty program landscape

  1. Profiles of loyalty program members
  2. Active participation in programs
  3. Ranking New Zealand loyalty programs – ‘doing a very good job’

Section 2. The impact of COVID-19 on brand loyalty and loyalty programs - 2020 and 2021

  1. The impact of COVID-19 on brand loyalty: Looking back at 2020 (*new*)
  2. The influence of loyalty programs while COVID-19 prevails (*new*)

Section 3. Attitudes to ‘loyalty’ and loyalty programs

  1. What is loyalty? The consumers’ point of view
  2. Do brands need a loyalty program to keep their customers loyal?
  3. Are loyalty programs improving? (*new*)
  4. Where should programs improve in the future? (*new*)
  5. Improvement of loyalty programs to-date vs future focus (*new*)

Section 4. Member interaction and engagement

  1. Member interaction, identification and payment integration
  2. Ranking the three principles for optimising the loyalty program experience
  3. What are the most important moments of a member’s experience with a loyalty program? (*new*)

Section 5. Loyalty program structures and benefits

  1. Subscriptions: Loyalty programs with free membership vs with a subscription fee
  2. Partner ecosystem: Earn and redeem rewards within vs beyond the brand specific program
  3. Timing of rewards: Earning rewards instantly vs earning rewards for future purchases (*new*)
  4. Rewards for referrals: Earning rewards for referrals vs no rewards for referrals (*new*)
  5. Cashback shopping platforms: Awareness and interest (*new*)
  6. Gamification: Loyalty programs and gamification (*new*)

Section 6. The five loyalty program persona profiles

  1. Loyalty program member personal profiles. A benchmark was set in 2019 – what’s changed?

Section 7. Loyalty program data collection and use: privacy, personalisation and trust

  1. How do members feel about loyalty programs collecting and using their information?
  2. What do members consider when providing their data to loyalty programs?
  3. Loyalty program terms and conditions - do members read them? (*new*)
  4. How is loyalty program personalisation performing? (*new*)
  5. Loyalty program data and trust – The Net Data Trust Score (NDT)