For Love or Money 2016 – Research with presentation

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for love or money 2016

Full 87-page in-depth report with presentation

Benefit from both the research results and a presentation from Adam Posner, the author of the research and a leading loyalty strategy consultant.

What’s in this report that will make a difference to your customer loyalty strategies and loyalty program success?

1. Tracking changes in the Australian Loyalty Landscape

This research continues to track changes to benchmark results from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 research studies including:

  • Volume of memberships
  • Activity in programs
  • Who is doing a very good job – TOP 10 loyalty programs revealed (unprompted)
  • Defection from programs – why and when (new insight)
  • Personalisation vs Privacy – the results are a reality check!

2. Revealing five new insights

It reveals answers to questions such as:

  • Are members taking advantage of the benefits their programs offer?
  • What impact would closing a loyalty program have on a business?
  • What are the three motivations for consumers to join a loyalty program?
  • How do programs best on-board new members?
  • What are the 24 ingredients of successful loyalty programs based on 3 pillars of success – simple, personal and valuable

3. Reviewing 25 Australian loyalty programs – top 20 excellent programs revealed

4. What’s a tattoo got to do with a customer’s brand loyalty? – A fascinating result

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Full 87-page in-depth report with presentation