For Love or Money 2018 – Full 90+ page in-depth report

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'For Love Or Money 2018'

Full 90+ Page In-Depth Report

What’s In This Report That Will Make A Difference To Your Customer Loyalty Strategies And Loyalty Program Success?

This is the sixth edition of the research study to follow the 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 research reports available at

What’s new 2018?

  • Cryptocurrency and loyalty programs – where’s the opportunity?
  • The impact of Amazon on consumer buying behaviour
  • Have loyalty programs improved? Where do they need to improve in the future?
  • Loyalty program data collection and use: Enhancing members’ shopping experience OR invading their privacy?
  • Are programs being recommended?

This research study continues to track changes in the Australian loyalty landscape and build on trends and insights revealed in previous studies including:

  • Memberships of loyalty programs (volume and demographics)
  • Active engagement in programs
  • Who is doing a very good job – top programs for 2018 (unprompted)
  • The 3 motivations to join a loyalty program
  • The 24 ingredients of successful loyalty programs
  • Interacting with a program – card, mobile, payments
  • Recommendation of programs
  • Ranking the top excellent programs

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Full 90+ Page For Love Or Money 2018 In-Depth Report