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Subscription guilt – myth or reality?

What do the following have in common? Amazon Prime, Netflix, Bed,Bath & Beyond, Old Pueblo Traders, Gamestop, Deliveroo, Costco, Restoration Hardware, Lululemon, Burger King, Supercheap Auto, Adairs, The Coffee Club, Hoyts Rewards, QFF, Cinemark, Accor Plus, Sam’s Club, Uber, Lyft (US) and not to forget gym memberships. They all provide some variation of a fee-based…
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Two issues impacting the value and viability of loyalty programs

Attention loyalty program marketers. Let’s lift our game. This may be read as a rant. I prefer you understood it as a call to action. If you are a marketer of any type of loyalty or rewards program (see definition at end of article), then please spend a few more moments reviewing this article and…
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Loyalty research – For Love or Money 2019 (released this June)

The annual customer loyalty and loyalty program research - For Love or Money 2019 - Australian edition will be released later this June. This year it reveals insights on: 1. Changes in the Australian loyalty program landscape (Profiles of loyalty program members; Active participation in programs; Ranking Australian loyalty programs - ‘doing a very good job’) 2.…
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