Soon to be released: The 10th Australian edition of For Love or Money™ 2022 – Australia

In 2013, I was hungry and curious to understand Australian consumers’ interest in and engagement with loyalty programs.

Together with an industry colleague, Pete Noble, the first For Love or Money™ research study was commissioned.

From 2016, I continued to evolve the research and now 10 years later there are 10 Australian studies, two New Zealand studies, two AU Vs NZ comparison studies and one B2B marketer’s study.


My mission with the research is to:

“Identify insights that inspire loyalty marketers to take action
and lift their loyalty strategies and programs out of the sea of sameness – towards success”.

Every year brings a new set of Results, Observations, and Insights (I call them ROI’s) along with trends and benchmarks.

This year is a bumper edition.

It’s the 10th edition (Est. 2013).

There are:

  • 10 sections
  • seven new areas were researched
  • 59 summary insights are provided (my POV) and
  • many 100’s of results and insights by gender and the generations (Gen Z, Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomers) … and it’s 99 pages of some light reading!

The report will be available in early May

Here are the 10 sections covered in the research:

Section 1: Loyalty is not a program. What is loyalty? The consumers’ point of view

Section 2: The voice of loyalty: recommending a brand

Section 3: Actions leading to loyalty

Section 4: The Australian loyalty program landscape

Section 5: A loyalty program’s impact on the host brand it belongs to

Section 6: Member experience, interaction, and engagement

Section 8: The state of play on loyalty program structures and benefits

Section 9: The Collection of Six Currencies loyalty program members care about

Section 10: Loyalty program data collection and use: privacy, trust and personalisation

I look forward to releasing the research in early May to assist all loyalty program marketers lift their customer loyalty strategies and loyalty programs out of the sea of sameness - towards success.

Have a happy loyalty day!