119 customer loyalty ideas to beat COVID-19

On the 25th March 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic prevalent world-wide, Adam Posner posted a call to action on LinkedIn:

“Sharing is caring.
It's a cliche, however it is the brutal truth.
I am calling out to all customer loyalty people (brands/ technology/ consultants/ agencies/ data etc) to share your ideas, to collectively collude, to maximise the sum of the parts by answering the question...
"How can we beat COVID-19 with the love of loyalty?"
It does not matter what the idea is.  
It can relate to loyalty programs or not. It can be tactical, strategic, short-term, long-term...so long as it relates to driving customer loyalty.
We are aiming for 119 ideas as 100 more than 19 is a winning number.
I will collate the ideas into an e-book and make it available to anyone...”

By the 7th April 2020, 119 ideas (+ 5 bonus ideas) were contributed by 63 loyalty and business professionals world-wide including Australia, Canada, India, Germany, South Africa, UAE, UK and US.

Adam Posner CLMP; Alexander Suessel CLMP; Anand Radhakrishnan; Andrew Goldstein; Angela Cobb; Anja Dragovic; Anthony Graham; Atilla Olgun; Barbi Goldblatt; Bhagwat Pant; Bill Hanifin CLMP; Billy Loizou; Brad Swain; Brian Almeida; Caroline Papadotas; Christina Iliadis; Clemens Zehetne; Craig Grimshaw; David Canty; David Feldman; David Slavick; Dean James; Denis Hure; Deon Olivier CLMP; Dominic Braham; Enda Kavanagh; Iain Pringle; Jenny Joseph; Jillian Kossman; John Bartold CLMP; Juber Shaikh; Kevin Zaenger; Karolina Baszarkiewicz; Kathleen Fournier; Len Llaguno; Marc Robinson; Michael Barnard; Michael Capizzi CLMP; Michelle Govinsamy;  Mark Johnson; Marianne Doyle; Max Savransky;  Mike Atkin CLMP; Natalija Pesic CLMP; Nathan Bowen; Neville Samuels; Nicola Dennison; Patrina Kerr; Paul McGarity; Paul Roberts; Paula Thomas CLMP; Phil Hawkins;  Phil Rubin CLMP; Richard Dutton CLMP; Ros Netto; Sarah Franklyn; Sarah McCullough; Sanjay Daya; Steven Allmen CLMP Thomas Christensen; Tobi Bonifant; Tom Fuyala; Troy Muir

A complimentary report (‘e-book’) is now available as a collation of all ‘119 customer loyalty ideas to beat COVID-19’.

The 119 ideas have been categorised into nine key themes:

  1. Strategy: Review strategy, innovate; pivot or reposition program, review investment and program financial modelling, proposition or business operations
  2. Data analysis: Analyse and segment base; profile to understand members by value
  3. Program structure: Assess structure and evaluate member status and tiers
  4. Rewards and benefits: Provide new or different rewards and benefits relevant to members’ lives
  5. Experience: Evaluate program experience and enhance engagement
  6. Communication: Focus on relevant and clear communication with a sensitive tone
  7. Community: Help community or cause related giving
  8. Team: Invest in your team – their belief and buy-in to customer loyalty / loyalty program
  9. Customer service: Be available to help members and customers

You can download the complimentary report from The Point of Loyalty

I’d like to express my gratitude and thanks to all the loyalty and business professionals world-wide for their contributions.

I hope there is at least one, if not many ideas you can action to “beat COVID-19 with the love of loyalty”.

Adam Posner - CLMP
CEO and Founder: The Point of Loyalty