"I cannot recommend Adam Posner highly enough as a true professional and expert in the loyalty space. As a Loyalty Manager with over 8 years of experience in the retail industry, I have had the pleasure of working with Adam in a consultant capacity on three separate occasions and at two difference businesses being Sigma Pharmaceuticals, and most recently (and currently) at Bakers Delight. Infectiously passionate, informed, and clever, Adam has consistently impressed me with his engaging approach, skill and very specialist knowledge in the loyalty space, and I can proudly endorse his qualifications and skill set.

In my engagements with Adam, I have been continuously impressed by the knowledge he has brought, his ability to facilitate leadership team buy-in and alignment to the strategy from junior right through to C-suite and Board Level, and his dedication to deliver beyond expectations. Adam combines a rare and all-encompassing depth of experience reflected by his expert skill-set in loyalty & rewards programs from strategy to structure, including research strategy, program structures, proposition development and evaluation, and extensive financial modelling to optimise business outcomes. Further to this, his experience spans into the technology space, having worked immensely together on developing technology requirements specifications, vendor shortlisting & selection, program business rules, and reporting frameworks.

While Adam’s professional acumen has been immensely valuable in my engagements with him, it is his approach that sets him apart. Adam does a wonderful job of really taking the relevant stakeholders on the journey, during which he will challenge your team to get clear on your objectives. And even a step back from that, he’ll challenge if your business really needs a Loyalty/Rewards Program at all! In doing so at the beginning of your engagement, he gets the upmost respect and buy-in from the stakeholder group, delivering clarity and alignment. Throughout your journey with Adam, he will very naturally impart knowledge on all stakeholders involved, and consequently help the business feel confident in investing for the longer term.

Engaging, easy to get along with, always prepared and punctual, Adam has been a true joy to work with throughout the course of my career. No matter what challenge, opportunity or stage you are at with your Loyalty/Rewards Program, I am excited to recommend Adam as a true professional and expert like no one else in the field."

Kristy Elsworth, Loyalty, CRM & Digital Marketing Manager / Bakers Delight