Is your loyalty program low in Vitamin J*?

J* = Joyalty*

Joyalty* is your members’ feeling of maximum joy and delight from one or a series of Moments of Magic (MoMs) delivered by your loyalty program.

(Joyalty* is a word I found in the book Brand Currency by Steve Susi. I loved it so much (for obvious reasons), I have borrowed it and redefined it (as above) to inspire loyalty program managers to add more Joyalty* Moments of Magic to their Loyalty Program!)

Why bother with Joyalty*

Many loyalty programs are focusing on transactional benefits especially in the economic environment as members want more savings.

However, while “show me the money” is top of mind, this is also an opportunity to add some joy and delight to your members’ lives with a little more love and an emotional connection with a boost of Joyalty* Moments of Magic.  

There are four good reasons for Joyalty* identified below, however here are some ideas to boost your loyalty program with more Vitamin J*.

13 ideas to boost your loyalty program with more Vitamin J*

To gain more insights on Joyalty*, the 2023 For Love or MoneyTM customer loyalty and loyalty program research identified 13 ideas that could add more unexpected moments of joy to members of loyalty programs.

This is not an exhaustive list, rather a catalyst for brands to boost their loyalty programs with more Joyalty* Moments of Magic (MoMs) relevant to their brand, customers, and members.

* A surprise gift for no reason
* Randomly receiving a purchase for free
* A little note/ gift/ chocolate in your delivery
* Finding a secret benefit or reward with clues given, on a website or in-store
* A happy birthday gift/reward
* An unexpected exclusive invitation to an event or experience
* Access to a limited release of product (only a few members receive the limited release)
* The loyalty program unexpectedly matches your purchase amount as a donation to a charity of your choice
* An incorrect online order is sent by a brand, and as part of an apology with the correct item, they also let you keep the other one
* Free product samples with a purchase (instore or online)
* Randomly receiving a surprise gift for free with a purchase
* An online order is delivered later than expected and there is a small gift or discount code to apologise for the delay
* Receiving points/rewards from a friend or family as an unexpected gift

The 2023 For Love or MoneyTM customer loyalty and loyalty program research ranks these 13 Joyalty* Moments of Magic from the consumers’ point of view.

Is adding Joyalty* to your loyalty program only about feel-good or is there a return on Joyalty* investment?

While Joyalty* and Moments of Magic have a direct emotional impact on your members, a commitment to measuring the success of Joyalty* is important.

Define your measures of Joyalty* success:

  1. Incremental revenue growth of those members receiving or experiencing the Joyalty* Moments of Magic.
  2. Social sharing/likes: Mostly vanity metrics, however still a measure of success and the voice of your customers/members sharing their joy.
  3. Word of mouth (mouse)/ referrals: Indirectly (see 2. above) attracting new customers/ members to your loyalty program or new customers to the brand
  4. PR and editorial: Measured by media reach and value gained

The new loyalty program is a Joyalty* Program

If you are keen to find out a little more about Joyalty and Joyalty* Programs, I have written a joyful purple paper - “The new loyalty program is a Joyalty* Program”, which you can download (it’s free).

It provides seven principles for planning and implementing a Joyalty* Program with seven examples of Joyalty*

Download your free copy here.

Have a happy Joyalty* day!