The Professor and The Practitioner – Episode 2: Loyalty Programs on the Therapy Couch

Episode 2 of The Professor and The Practitioner: Loyalty programs on the therapy couch.

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Professor and The Practitioner, a limited mini-series vlogcast (video+blog+podcast) where we discuss and debate the myths and realities of customer loyalty and loyalty programs from a professor and a practitioner's point of view.

In episode 2, the discussion and debate continues with Professor Gary Mortimer – Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at QUT Business School.

In this episode we place loyalty programs (not so gently) on the therapy couch (for about 13 minutes) helping solve some (only 6) of the troubles and problems loyalty program have, with some counselling on how to overcome these…

·      No point of difference (lost in the snow of whiteness)

·      Not solving a consumer problem

·      Tears for tiers - linear vs hierarchical programs (The Professor’s way of saying what the Practitioner says are flat vs tiered programs)

And more…

I loved this episode (personal bias here) and we could have had an extra-long session of loyalty programs on the therapy couch!

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Watch out for episode 3 - Increasing emotional loyalty’s heartbeat over the next few weeks...

Watch, listen, and have a happy loyalty day!