The Professor and The Practitioner. Episode 3: Increasing emotional loyalty’s heartbeat

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Professor and The Practitioner, a limited mini-series vlogcast (video+blog+podcast) where we discuss and debate the myths and realities of customer loyalty and loyalty programs from a professor and a practitioner's point of view.

In Episode 3 (, the discussion and debate continues with Professor Gary Mortimer – Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at QUT Business School.

In this episode we continue from episode 1’s discussion on ‘What is loyalty?’ going deeper on emotional loyalty dissecting and discussing the myths and realities of emotional loyalty…

** Investment in solving problems for customers strengthened by ‘triggered gratitude’
** More on measuring the two attributes of ‘benevolence’ and ‘cynicism’
** Joyalty* surfaces again based on the ‘Gratitude’ insight
** ‘Customer oriented deviance’ comes to the fore … (watch and listen to the examples provided by The Professor) and the benefits to business
** The finance of feelings. Measuring emotional loyalty

And more…

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Watch, listen, and have a happy loyalty day!

Links to research mentioned by Professor Gary Mortimer

Examining the antecedents and consequences of gratitude:

How Gratitude Influences Customer Word-Of-Mouth Intentions and Involvement: The Mediating Role of Affective Commitment:

How gratitude improves relationship marketing outcomes for young consumers: