The Professor and The Practitioner

It’s new.

It’s two points of view.

It’s The Professor and The Practitioner, a limited mini-series vlogcast (video+blog+podcast) where we discuss and debate the myths and realities of customer loyalty and loyalty programs from a professor and a practitioner's point of view.

To launch The Professor and Practitioner vlogcast, I have the privilege of sharing the discussion and debate with Professor Gary Mortimer – Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at QUT Business School.

It’s a three-part series where we discuss, debate, and disagree (sometimes) on topics including:

1.   What is loyalty?
2.   Loyalty programs on the therapy couch
3.   Increasing emotional loyalty’s heartbeat

In episode 1 of 3, we discuss ‘What is loyalty?’ (for 19 minutes) including, not limited to…

o  Does loyalty exist? (we started off with a different point of view here)
o  To prove a point the Professor shares an insightful story of a retail fuel experience (listen out for the upsell on Chupa Chups)
o  Forgiveness elasticity
o  When does loyalty become brand advocacy or are they from the same family?
o  And the Professor introduces us to the role of gratitude in enhancing those loyalty outcomes… this got me to lean forward!

Watch, listen, and have a happy loyalty day!

Watch, listen to episode 1 here…

Watch out for episodes 2 and 3 over the next few weeks...