Is customer loyalty a one-way or two-way street?

One of the reasons for the ongoing For Love or MoneyTM research study is to validate and quantify the consumers’ point of view on various dimensions of loyalty to brands (see article Loyalty is not a program. What is loyalty?)

Sometimes we identify a hypothesis or insight that might seem obvious, with results validating what we believe or opening our minds to remove any previous bias.

In the latest For Love or MoneyTM customer loyalty and loyalty program research, consumers were asked what we believed to be a critical question and an hypothesis that was obvious.

Do consumers see loyalty to a brand as two-way ie if they show loyalty to a brand, the brand should demonstrate loyalty to them, or do they expect nothing in return for their loyalty?

The results were significantly more focused on a reciprocal relationship, with 90% indicating loyalty to a brand is two-way.

The insight is less of an ah-ha moment and more of a reminder that customer loyalty should never be taken for granted.

For deeper analysis of this insight and others, you can access the For Love or MoneyTM 2023 report as a free Executive Summary, or the comprehensive report is available to purchase.

Have a happy loyalty day!