For Love or Money™ 2023 Australia: Comprehensive report

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For Love or Money 2023 - Australia: Comprehensive report

What’s in this report that will make a difference to your customer loyalty strategies and loyalty program success?

This is the 11th edition of the annual Australian consumer research study tracking key trends and insights on customer loyalty and loyalty program.

The research report has nine sections with 32 areas of research identifying loyalty program members’ views on various dimensions of customer loyalty and loyalty programs impacting strategy, structures, rewards, experiences, technology, and data and so much more.

  • 20 of the 32 areas researched are NEW with benchmark results for 2023.
  • 12 areas researched track trends of results revealed between 2013 to 2023.
  • 65 insights are summarised with a point of view (What’s the Point?)
  • 100’s of deeper insights are identified across segments of gender and generations.

Here’s the detail of what’s in the comprehensive report:

** new area researched

Section 1: Loyalty is not a program. What is loyalty?

  • Understanding loyalty to invest in loyalty
  • **Brand loyalty. Achieving the Loyalty Peak
  • **Brand loyalty and economic uncertainty
  • **Is customer loyalty a one-way or two-way street?
  • What’s a tattoo got to do with brand loyalty?

Section 2: The Australian loyalty program landscape

  • Profiles of loyalty program members
  • Number of memberships
  • Memberships by gender, age and income
  • Memberships by generations and age segments
  • Who loves loyalty programs? 10 or more memberships

Section 3: The Loyalty Program Experience Index SPVX

  • **Ranking three key variables for optimising the loyalty program member’s experience
  • **The Loyalty Program Experience Index SPVX
  • **68 Australian loyalty programs scored with the Loyalty Program Experience Index SPVX

Section 4: Loyalty program structures, rewards and interaction

  • Are loyalty programs improving?
  • Where have loyalty programs improved in recent years?
  • Where do loyalty programs need to improve in the future?
  • **Are gift cards important as a reward redemption option?
  • Member interaction, identification and payment integration

Section 5: Loyalty program strategy, team engagement and levers influencing member activity

  • Why do loyalty program members think brands offer a loyalty program?
  • **What type of customers do loyalty programs attract?
  • **Do members want rewards for the future versus rewards now?
  • Are loyalty programs still valuable to brands?
  • **Building a team of loyalty program champions
  • **The impact of five motivation levers influencing member engagement
  • **The impact of bonus points/rewards on member engagement

Section 6: The Collection of Six Currencies loyalty program members care about 

Section 7: Web 3.0, metaverse, digital currencies and loyalty programs

  • **Web 3.0, Metaverse, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Digital Collectibles: What’s the level of understanding?
  • **Interest in EARNING loyalty program rewards/benefits as NFTs/Digital Collectibles or Cryptocurrency
  • **Interest in REDEEMING loyalty program rewards/benefits to receive NFTs/Digital Collectibles or Cryptocurrency
  • **How appealing is having NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or Digital Collectibles (unique digital tokens) as part of a brand’s loyalty program?

Section 8: Loyalty programs helping society and improving the lives of members

  • **Where can loyalty programs play their part to solve problems – in the world around us and in our lives?
  • ** From Loyalty Program to Joyalty* Program. What can loyalty programs do to add more Joyalty* to members’ lives? 

Section 9: Loyalty program data collection and use: privacy, trust and security

  • Loyalty program data collection and use: enhancing the experience or invading privacy?
  • What do members consider when providing their data to loyalty programs?
  • Loyalty program data and trust: the Net Data Trust (NDT) score.
  • **Impact of data security breaches on loyalty program members’ attitude to the data value exchange How do members feel about sharing their data with loyalty programs?
  • **What are the concerns members have when sharing their data with loyalty programs?