What’s the point? A collection of ideas, insights and interviews on customer loyalty and loyalty programs

What’s the point? - is a collection of ideas, insights and interviews on customer loyalty and loyalty programs to help you lift your loyalty strategies and programs out of the sea of sameness.

They have been collated from our interview series with Loyalty Leaders, the ongoing For Love or MoneyTM customer loyalty and loyalty program research and our experience in designing and deploying customer loyalty and loyalty programs since 2007.

Loyalty Leader interviews

Andre Korte – General Manager, eCommerce and Marketing Supercheap Auto

A Loyalty Leader with a head for commercials and a heart for the customer, leading a loyalty program that solves a customer problem.

The interview with Andre Korte has so many insights with three standouts for me:

1.     Simplify your program from every angle.

“Professionals who are in the loyalty space very quickly get lots and lots of great ideas and when you put them all into the mix it all looks like soup. You're creating a lot of complexity. The reality is, it's not your customer’s full-time business to understand your loyalty program. If they must study what's going on, you fail.”

2.     Avoid complacency.

“Just keep doing what we're doing and we're going to be fine is not an option.”

3.     A single-minded obsession on convenience

“We want to, as part of our program, make it so convenient to shop at Supercheap Auto that it's inconvenient shopping elsewhere.”

Read the interview with Andre Korte here

Emma Porter – Snr. CRM & Loyalty Manager at Adairs

A Loyalty Leader who passionately believes in the long-term power of a loyalty program as a pillar of business success.

This interview with Emma Porter has so many insights and reminders with my top three being:

1.     Set the loyalty program as one of your brand’s strategic pillars. It was a delight to hear Emma share this… “one of our key strategic pillars is ‘Linen Lovers First’.”

2.     AI and automation will have an impact on customer service and communication, however … “We need to balance the robotic response versus the care and respect that our members deserve.’

3.     I do love Emma’s three skills loyalty marketers need, expressed in a unique and memorable way:
- Be oddly obsessed to understand everything about your members
- Excellent juggling skills.
- Patience*
*See Billboard quote

Read the interview with Emma Porter here

Other ideas and insights

Do you need a loyalty program? From “no thanks” to “yes please”.

Here are six of the most common P’s for “no thanks” with some suggestions on turning the “no thanks” to a “yes please” in the article.

1. Purpose: No clear and compelling reasons for program.

2. Priority: Other competing strategic priorities for business growth.

3. People: No person to own and manage the loyalty program asset.

4. Program’s proposition vs brand promise: Unsure of the connection of the loyalty program proposition to the brand’s promise.

5. Platform (Technology): No clarity on how a program can integrate with existing technology infrastructure.

6. Profit: No financial rigour to prove the performance of a program and its net return on investment over the longer term.

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Spring clean your loyalty program proposition with the six currencies of collection

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I hope you find this collection of ideas and insights useful as you evolve your customer loyalty strategies and loyalty programs

Have a happy loyalty day!