Is your loyalty or rewards program future-proof?

Take the 38-point future-proof diagnostic


Section A = Program Vision

Yes No

1. Do you have a documented and shared vision for your loyalty or rewards program?

2. Does your program's vision support your brand's vision?

Section B = Measures of Success: Do you measure and report on the following program metrics of success?

Yes No

Financial metrics of success

3. Return on Loyalty: Program Return on Investment

4. Program revenue contribution as a % of total revenue

5. Member transaction value vs non member transaction value

6. Member frequency of transaction vs non member frequency of transaction

7. Member value since they joined

8. Average cost to acquire a member

Member engagement metrics of success

9. Net member growth (Volume of new members joining less existing members who unsubscribe)

10. Depth of membership: number of members vs total available customers

11. Contactability by channel eg % of emails gathered; % opt-in mobile numbers

12. % of active members (active = members who have transacted a specific number of times in a predetermined period)

13. Communication engagement rate (opened and/or actioned) eg email

14. Number of members who have unsubscribed

15. Annualised member unsubscribe value (number of unsubscribed members x average annual transaction value)

16. Member Net Promoter Score

Section C = Data: Are you using your program's data to enhance your members' experience or invade their privacy?

Yes No

17. Do you inform members why you are asking for their data points eg date of birth (why?); mobile (why?)

18. Are you using member purchase and personal data to provide relevant and personalised offers; rewards and benefits?

19. Are you sending reminders to help your members repurchase items they have purchased previously?

20. Are you providing special offers to your members' via mobile based on their shopping location?

Section D = Team engagement

Yes No

21. Do you have nominated loyalty champions amongst your team?

22. Has your team been given program KPIs to achieve?

23. Is your team informed on a periodical basis (at least monthly) on how the program is performing?

Section E = A deeper understanding of your members

Yes No

24. Have you researched your members' view of your program's structure, benefits and experience in the last 12 months?

25. Do you know your members' view on how simple, personal and valuable your program is to them?

26. Do you know why customers join your program - convenience, transactional, emotional?

Section F = Evolving your program structure

Yes No

27. Have you made any benefit upgrades in the last 12 months?

28. Do you reward members based on time (tenure of being a member)?

29. Have you completed a competitor Point of Difference comparison (why is your program different?)

Section G = Program communications

Yes No

30. Do you have a 12 month documented program communication plan?

31. Is your communication plan differentiated by types of communications eg marketing, mandatory, data-driven

Section H = Communication channels: Besides email, do you communicate your program via

Yes No

32. mobile eg sms

33. mobile app

34. social media

35. direct mail

36. online member account

37. store team

38. store point of sale

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