Insights to lift your loyalty strategies and programs out of the sea of sameness

The latest and 10th edition of the Australian customer loyalty and loyalty program research - For Love or Money™​ 2022 is now available.

This year (being the 10th year) we have an edition packed with insights to lift your customer loyalty strategies and programs out of the sea of sameness:

Section 1: Loyalty is not a program. What is loyalty?
(The three B’s of Loyalty revealed and ranked)

Section 2: *new* The voice of loyalty: recommending a brand
(Every moment matters)

Section 3:  14 actions leading to loyalty
(Some interesting changes since these were first measured in 2018)

Section 4: The Australian loyalty program landscape
(Program memberships stable and activity is improving - phew!)

Section 5: A loyalty program’s impact on the host brand it belongs to
(A significant increase in the three motivations to interact with a brand)

Section 6: Member experience, interaction, and engagement
(A reminder and ranking of the eight concerns members have with programs)

Section 7: Tracking new ways for members to be rewarded
(Changes to seven new ways for members to be rewarded since first measured in 2020)

Section 8: The state of play on loyalty program structures and benefits
(So much in this section = Subscriptions, Pay with Points, Benefits connected to a cause or charity, Payments and card-linking, credit cards with rewards)

Section 9: *new* The Collection of Six Currencies loyalty program members care about
(This is a new area of research and a useful framework to help loyalty marketers design program propositions that are meaningful and desirable PLUS lift them out of the sea of sameness)

Section 10: Loyalty program data collection and use: privacy, trust and personalisation
(Tracking changes as well as revealing new insights on members’ expectations on data and personalisation)

free Executive Summary of the For Love or Money™​ 2022 report can be downloaded at with the full and comprehensive report available for purchase.

Have a happy loyalty day!