What’s The Point? A Collection Of Ideas, Insights And Interviews On Customer Loyalty And Loyalty Programs

Edition #2 II Nov/Dec 2023

Welcome to Edition #2 of What’s the point? - a collection of ideas, insights and interviews on customer loyalty and loyalty programs to help you lift your loyalty strategies and programs out of the sea of sameness.

They have been collated from our interview series with Loyalty Leaders, the ongoing For Love or MoneyTM customer loyalty and loyalty program research and our experience in designing and deploying customer loyalty and loyalty programs since 2007.

Loyalty Leader interviews

Glenn Baker – General Manager, Everyday Rewards at Woolworths

A Loyalty Leader who believes in the brilliance of loyalty programs as both an art and a science


I have read this interview many times and every time I read it, I find a statement made by Glenn that just needs to be on the billboard! The reminders are powerful. The clarity is refreshing. Some of my preferences are:

1. Measuring success
Engagement is our fundamental measurement principle. If we get engagement right for members and we're driving their usage of the program, everything else follows. The commercials follow.

2. Changing privacy and legislation
While we can get focused on the legislation, it's changing because customers’ expectations are changing. If you are prepared and you realise this is because of what customers want, then you can give them more choice, control and service which is a proactive approach.

3. Advice to brands thinking of a loyalty program
BREATHE. Just don't rush it. It’s better to get it late and get it right, then rush and get it wrong because it's very hard to put the “Genie back in the bottle”.

Read the full interview with Glenn Baker here

Rob Harker – Head of Loyalty at Bupa Global

A Loyalty Leader, self-confessed travel aviation geek, whose wingspan of experience covers 18 loyalty programs across five countries over 15 years.


This interview with Rob Harker has many valuable insights and passionate reminders on what makes loyalty programs a success. Here are five that made an impression on me:

  1. Loyalty doesn't sit on one person's shoulders.
  2. Do not copy and paste what your competitors are doing…. because they might be wrong!
  3. Make value visible and tangible.
  4. Ensure everyone at the C level believes in what you're trying to achieve, the benefits and value that the program wants to deliver and aspires to deliver. Because if you don't have that level of support, it's a battle. It's a real battle.
  5. The four KPI’s. Keep People Informed. Keep People Inspired. Keep People Interested. Keep People Intrigued.

Read the interview here with Rob Harker

Other ideas and insights

What are the three most important skills a loyalty program marketer needs (11 loyalty leaders share)

I have summarised the skills as provided by 11 Loyalty Leaders into a list which goes beyond three (more like 7 with three not-so-secret, secret extra’s). The curation of the list of skills are NOT in order of importance. ALL are important.

However, it is clear where most of the Loyalty Leaders highlighted what they consider as important skills.

  1. CUSTOMER: A relentless pursuit to understand your customer
  2. DATA: A data focus – deal with data, analysis of data, curiosity for insights
  3. METRICS & MONEY: Know your numbers. Metrics that Matter must be top of mind
  4. MINDSETA mindset of growth, curiosity to challenge what is and ask what else
  5. COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATIONInternal team, partners and leadership communication (articulate, persuasive and listen to understand)
  6. TECHNOLOGY: Understand what is technically possible
  7. ATTITUDE to ACT: Actions speak louder than words (cliché but true)

There are three other not-so-secret, secret skills to have (see end of article)

Read the full article here

Where can loyalty programs play their part to solve problems in the world around us and in our lives?

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I hope you find this collection of ideas and insights useful as you evolve your customer loyalty strategies and loyalty programs.

Have a happy loyalty day!