What’s the point? A collection of ideas, insights and interviews on customer loyalty and loyalty programs

Edition #3 II February 2024

Welcome to Edition #3 of What’s the point? - the February 2024 Viewsletter with a collection of ideas, insights and interviews on customer loyalty and loyalty programs to help lift your loyalty strategies and programs out of the sea of sameness.

They have been collated from our interview series with Loyalty Leaders, the ongoing For Love or MoneyTM customer loyalty and loyalty program research and our experience in designing and deploying customer loyalty and loyalty programs since 2007.

Hey loyalty programs, it's time to break up with breakage

Back in my loyalty article archives I found this article (rant).

I think it is still relevant and it is worth re-sharing.

Here is an excerpt, with a link below to the whole article.

"...Breakage is an indifferent way of making a program more profitable.

Waiting for rewards to expire without regular and proactive reminders or creating unrealistic expiry timeframes to force more expiry, is not in the true spirit and essence of why a loyalty program is established.

I am yet to see a goal for a program - “to ensure we have the highest possible breakage of rewards”.

Read the 'Breaking up with Breakage' article here

Locky Wright – a Loyalty Leader, powering Ryobi's new member experience program

Read the full Loyalty Leader interview with Locky Wright here

Loyalty Programs In 2024. To Infinity. And Beyond…

Do you believe your program can fly? To infinity. And beyond.

Consider the Seven Zones of Loyalty Program Performance in this article to help answer the above.

Read the article here

What’s the most underestimated force behind a loyalty program’s performance?

Read the article here

A loyalty professionals networking and learning opportunity in APAC

If you feel like some connection with other loyalty professionals in the APAC, register and pop into The Little Handshake APAC and participate in some discussion and debate on the loyalty landscape. We will be discussing topics including:

  • Emotional loyalty - what, why, how
  • Gen Z & Loyalty.
  • New & emerging technology, why it should be in your road map.
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty: Igniting Flames or Flickering Sparks.
Register to join us here.

I hope you find this collection of ideas and insights useful as you evolve your customer loyalty strategies and loyalty programs.

Have a happy loyalty day!