For Love or Money™ 2022 – two reports with insights to lift your loyalty programs out of the sea of sameness

As 2022 heads towards another year and loyalty program managers consider their plans for lifting their programs to new levels of success, the  For Love or Money™ 2022 research reports are a resource of insights on customer loyalty and loyalty programs in Australia.

This year there are two reports:

The 10th edition of the annual For Love or Money™​ report

It has 10 sections (90+ pages), seven new areas were researched, 59 summary insights are provided.

There are many 100’s of results and insights by gender and the generations (Gen Z, Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomers) to help loyalty marketers lift their loyalty strategies and programs out of the sea of sameness – towards success!


A SPECIAL EDITION - "The collection of Six Currencies loyalty program members care about."

62 benefits and rewards are ranked by how appealing they are to loyalty program members.

This 25-page Special Edition report has been compiled as a unique research report of the 10th edition of the For Love or Money™ 2022 research study. The Point of Loyalty has extended the Collection of Six Currencies loyalty program members care about by ranking the appeal of 62 benefits and rewards across the Six Currencies.

It provides loyalty program managers with deeper insights to design loyalty program propositions that are meaningful and desirable to members.

If you are looking for insights to lift your loyalty programs out of the sea of sameness, these reports will stimulate your thinking and give you new perspectives!

"Adam's For Love or Money™ research report (and engaging presentation), has been providing IKEA with valuable loyalty consumer insights for the past four years. He not only gives us a good overview of consumer expectations in the loyalty space but inspires tangible actions that have helped us improve the IKEA Family loyalty program each year". Kirsten Hasler - Customer Engagement & Loyalty Manager, IKEA Australia

"The For Love or Money™ 2022 report, has provided a number of valuable insights for our business across a range of areas of loyalty, including behaviour, preferences and trends. These are important to stay across, knowing what is on the horizon in our business". Sarah McCullough - Loyalty and Membership Manager: The Lottery Corporation

"In this year’s 2022 report, Adam again demystifies what loyalty is and is not. I particularly find the section on “Six currencies loyalty members care about” to be immensely insightful. While the report is based on the Australian market, I strongly recommend any loyalty practitioner from any market to read it. It provides an excellent framework in designing and operating a loyalty program that will be, well, out of the sea of sameness." Henry Christian - Head of Brand and Engagement: GoTo Group Loyalty

Have a happy loyalty day!