Your 2023 guide to a Joyalty* Program (it’s joyfully free)


A word I found in the book Brand Currency by Steve Susi. I loved it so much (for obvious reasons), I have borrowed it and redefined it to bring new meaning to loyalty programs.

My hope is it will inspire program managers to add a Joyalty* Program to their Loyalty Program!

For those brands who choose not to have a Loyalty Program, perhaps consider a Joyalty* Program instead… (business benefits are bountiful).

Your free guide to a Joyalty* Program

If you are keen to find out a little more about a Joyalty* Program, I have written a joyful purple paper -  “The new loyalty program is a Joyalty* Program”, which you can download (it’s free).

It provides some more insights on

  • What is Joyalty*?
  • What is a Joyalty* Program?
  • The Seven Principles for planning and implementing a Joyalty* Program
  • Seven examples of Joyalty*

Download your free copy here.

Have a Joyalty* 2023!