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Loyalty program member activity – up we go!

Loyalty Program activity - For Love or Money 2022
For nine years we have been measuring loyalty program member activity in the For Love or Money™​ loyalty program research study. in the 2022 For Love or Money™ study I was happy (and a little relieved) to see the slight increase in loyalty program member activity, although there is still plenty of room for growth.…
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A collection of 12 loyalty program insights from 12 months of 2018

This is my personal collection of 12 of my favourite loyalty and rewards program learnings and insights from the past 12 months. Some have been identified from our 'For Love or Money 2018' research and others I have found from keeping an eye on the ever-changing loyalty landscape. They are not ranked nor allocated to…
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Best-in-class loyalty and rewards programs are a blend of five benefit categories

As loyalty and rewards programs continue to improve their overall proposition and experience (For Love or Money 2018), I continue to analyse the different types of benefits that can be blended to maximise member interaction. Benefits for members are considered once a program model (company owned, partner, coalition), program type (currency of collection eg points,…
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