BP Rewards covers all bases – a loyalty card, an app and 3 ways to be rewarded

BP Rewards is being promoted everywhere or so it seems to me.

Perhaps it's confirmation bias in that all I see everyday are rewards and loyalty programs and because of BP's vast and visible network (plus a TV campaign), all I see everywhere is BP Rewards.

They have made BP Rewards even more accessible with clear POS promotion and interestingly a plastic loyalty card as an option to connect and interact with the program.

There is also the BPme app.

According to our ongoing benchmark loyalty research study For Love or Money™ 2020, 47% of members use a loyalty card to identify and interact with their programs and for Baby Boomers this jumps to 72%.

While loyalty cards are on the decline for loyalty program members' program interaction (47% in For Love or Money™  2020 vs 81% in For Love or Money™  2017), it seems for mass market programs like BP Rewards they needed to 'cover all bases' to maximise enrolment, especially for those Baby Boomers who desire a card.

It's also an interesting strategy to make joining the program more tangible...leaving the store with a card in your hand!

I do like the BPMe app and I was an early adopter of the convenience proposition of not having to leave my car to pay in-store.

I did wonder for some time if impulse or other in-store purchases suffered a decline.

However, solving the 'I'm in a hurry' pain point by giving me back some time, it has made me choose BP for fuel on numerous occasions and if that is multiplied by 1000's of others, then perhaps they are winning the convenience battle and the incremental fuel purchases.

Now with the addition of a rewards program, the extra incentive to earn rewards might push a few people out of the car and into the store to maximise their benefits.

Talking about benefits, there are also three variations of benefits (BP, David Jones, QFF) as the website so clearly communicates (earned and redeem within the business or with two partners - covering all bases)

"Choose BP Points to redeem for dollars off at BP - 500 points gives you $5 off! Or use your points for David Jones eGift Cards."

"Qantas Points - Choose to earn Qantas Points to put towards your next holiday, hotel stay and more."

Back to the BPme app and it is all there - payment and digital membership card linked, with Qantas points as the benefits I have chosen.

So, now let's see if I go in-store and purchase more!

(By the way, the FAQs provided online are comprehensive and easy to follow).