Loyalty is red.

When I saw the brand that I love in red - so bold and so bright, it triggered an emotion, a feeling of being connected with the brand and dare I say it…’love for the brand’.

It also had a compounding impact by the relevance of red as one of the colours of the time of the year which I thought was brilliantly simple.

it reminded me of the Apple products I use - the feeling I get when I open the ‘white box’, the simplicity of the design and the user experience. 

Clearly I am an advocate (as millions of others are... and some that are not).

From my ongoing customer loyalty research ‘For Love or MoneyTM’, we have identified the consumers' definition of loyalty:

Loyalty is intersection of Behaviour and Belief

Behaviour is a transactional connection to the brand proven by purchasing more often and spending more (it's about the money). 

Belief is an emotional connection to the brand, proven by trusting the brand and recommending of the brand to others (it's about love).

For this brand and for me (a focus group of one), my loyalty is about Belief in the brand.

I certainly do not purchase every product or every upgrade - I am not transactionally loyal, however I do trust the brand (a consistent experience is delivered) and I recommend the brand. I am emotionally loyal.

For me and this brand, Loyalty is red.

What are your examples of Loyalty is Red?