Move your mindset from ‘be Amazon ready’ to ‘be Amazing now’!

So much talk and noise (real or imagined) about Amazon in Australia and the impact on all varieties of businesses and brands.

The brutal reality is that they have many distinct advantages in the world of - price and experience.

So, you have 2 choices:

1.Watch and wait (what you can’t control) or

2. Just get on with delivering “amazing” to your customers (take control)

Change your mindset (and your words).

Instead of being Amazon ready, become “amazing” now.

Focus on being amazing at every step the customer takes with your business at every moment.

Ask yourself and your team….”How can we be amazing?”

1.    Define amazing and then go better than that

2.    Ask your customers what amazing is and then go better than what they say

Amaze them with the basics and throw some more delight on top of that!

Move from amazon ready to be amazing now!

Even better than that..."be amazing now so your customers say..."oh wow!"