The 24 SPV ingredients to loyalty program success

Whether you are considering and designing a new customer loyalty program or managing and reviewing an existing program, it’s worthwhile validating your program’s structure to the 24 SPV ingredients of a successful program.

What is SPV?

  1. How Simple (S) is your program
  2. How Personal (P) is your program
  3. How Valuable (V) is your program

The SPV of a successful loyalty program structure is the combination of many and varied features, benefits and experiences that members want when engaging in programs, all classified to these 3 SPV pillars.

In for love or money 2017, we identified and ranked the 24 ingredients to a successful program from the consumers’ point of view.

The top 7 for 2017 are:

All 24 ingredients are ranked by importance to members in the full report 100+ page edition of the for love or money report.

Have a happy loyalty day