The line of loyalty

Looking around at all the various lunch places and options on a sunny Friday in Melbourne’s suburbs, I found it fascinating to find myself with many others waiting in this long queue for my lunch.

Why was there this line of loyalty?

I asked the person in front of me why she was waiting and she said “I drive past here everyday and always see a queue, so I thought it must be good”.

So there it was, the first answer – social proof (one of Dr Robert Cialidini’s powers of persuasion).

Ok, so besides the crowd attracting a crowd factor, was there anything else that made it worth lining up and waiting for.

Be brilliant at the basics.

The menu was simple, reasonably priced and the food was fresh. The line also moved fast as service was efficient. Perhaps it was just all of these fundamental factors that combined to make this business be brilliant at the basics, creating a line of loyalty.

I also believe the visibility of the ‘line of loyalty’ was that extra special ingredient of attraction.

This real-life example continues to motivate me to explore in the inner-workings of loyalty and in the latest for love or money 2017 research due out in the next few weeks, the key question I am seeking an insight to, is ‘What is loyalty? The consumers’ point of view.’

I look forward to sharing this with you amongst other insights on customer loyalty and loyalty programs, uncovered in the research.

Have a happy loyalty day!