Actions leading to loyalty, the consumers’ point of view

In for love or money 2017, we gained a deeper understanding and clarity on what loyalty is (beyond enrolling in a loyalty program), from the consumers’ point of view.

Having determined a definition of loyalty we then went deeper into the actions that a brand/business can take to generate loyalty (or greater loyalty) from the consumers' point of view.

We put forward 14 options for consumers to rank their top 3. The statements representing these actions were provided in a randomised order and included:

  • They make my purchase experience easy
  • They make me feel important when purchasing from them
  • They resolve my problems/complaints promptly and with understanding
  • They make my purchase experience enjoyable
  • They make me feel as if they really know me and my purchase preferences
  • Their communication to me is relevant and personalized
  • They offer me a loyalty/rewards program
  • The overall experience when purchasing from the brand or service is consistent
  • They utilise my information with respect and relevance
  • The quality of the product or service
  • They offer value for money
  • I believe in what they stand for
  • It is convenient to purchase from them
  • Their connection to a charity or cause

The top 5 as ranked by their number one choice were:

The top 5 actions leading to loyalty

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