Understanding loyalty to invest in loyalty

As brands and businesses continue to consider and invest more in customer loyalty, gaining clarity on what loyalty is, helps to determine: 1.   Why it’s important to invest in customer loyalty as a growth strategy and 2.   How to achieve it as a profitable outcome. For the first time in the ongoing series of for love or…
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The line of loyalty

Looking around at all the various lunch places and options on a sunny Friday in Melbourne’s suburbs, I found it fascinating to find myself with many others waiting in this long queue for my lunch. Why was there this line of loyalty? I asked the person in front of me why she was waiting and…
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Millennials and loyalty programs – do they care?

The talk about Millennials as a powerful and unique cohort of consumers continues to add to the pixeldust of online content. Are they proving to be so different in their views and behaviours than any other generational cohort that a dedicated focus on them is required? (Just Google “Millennials and marketing” and you will find…
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